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We are business development and marketing experts helping independent creative business owners through the challenges of running a successful business while offering a unique level of support that encourages growth on all levels.

We like to work with creative entrepreneurs and artists who are self self-motivated and inspired. As marketers, business development experts, and publicists, we can assist you in many ways including the implementation of business tools such as marketing or PR. We also provide consultation services on these and other technical aspects or running your business and managing your brand.

Our expertise includes business strategy, marketing, brand development, product positioning, communications tools (like on-line marketing and PR) and the implementation of various business models including venturing into franchising, on-line marketing, retail & wholesale.

Additionally, due to our understanding of the intricacies of the arts industry we also offer REPRESENTATION and business management for selected artists who retain our services to promote their work.

Our philosophy: Consulting work a combination of art and science. Our approach is a balance of both. Beyond our proven competencies in business we also have a philosophy of community building. As such we strive to build lasting relationships that include support, trust, and mutual success. When you choose to partner up with us in any aspect we strive to support you and help you reach the results you want to achieve.


  • Understanding your needs: Dialogue and initial (free) consultation to understand your needs (Asses your brand-Diagnose where you are at this moment in time).
  • Selecting the right strategy:We tailor each program to your unique needs. We are flexible and can discuss many options including working on specific projects or on a retainer as managers and representatives of your brand.
  • Agreement on an assignment: After understanding your needs and going over the various options we will take steps to agree on an assignment.
  • Designing a realistic, yet challenging plan of action Upon agreement, we will design a plan that is objective, with achievable yet challenging goals to take you where you want to be.

Now it’s your turn! Contact us – We are here to help!

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