Business Consulting

Strategic Planning and Implementation

We use our business knowledge and a consultative approach to help our clients in the development of strategic plans and business projects, including the development of:

  • Business plans
  • Business proposals
  • Strategic marketing plans.

Beyond business consultants we are marketers, business developers and publicists. As such we have the knowledge to not only help you create the plans but also help you with all aspects of implementation. This means that once your business is established or your proposal approved we can help you take all the necessary steps to implement it or manage it.

Our Approach

Consulting work is art and a science! Our approach is a balance of both.

Besides having the core competencies in business knowledge we are Marketers, Business Developers and Publicists. We understand the nature of the businesses we serve and with our clients we engage in constructive examination of each project, clearly defining the business needs and goals.

As business strategists and marketers we understand that no part of a business functions isolated from another. When you hire us to help you within any realm of our expertise (General Business Consulting, Marketing, Business Development, or Public Relations) We work with you to help you achieve positive results without losing sight of your integral brand.

We take assignment ownership of each project assigned to us by incorporating best practices, moving quickly, and remaining closely involved on each step of the process. Our approach in anything we do is strategic, cost effective and results driven. We also have the necessary experience and competency to adjust time and working methods according to the needs of our clients.

Our advantage: Beyond the know-how and the technical aspects, we have proven consultative skills, a global view of branding, and a strategic approach than comes from hands-on experience in various business aspects. Our experience comes from working in various industries at various levels. This background allows us to provide fresh insights, ideas, an objective approach and a new perspective.

We maintain an objective view of each project and we pint-point unnecessary costs and potential risks and suggest action accordingly. We are also results driven and as such applying measurement techniques to business priorities and processes.

Our consulting process includes:

  • Understanding your Brand and your needs (S.W.O.T Analysis)
  • Analyzing your competition (Market Research and Competitive Analysis )
  • Understanding our Target Audience
  • Defining your objectives
  • Defining your project Requirements and Costs



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