Social Responsibility and Community Building are at the core of our values.

Agency founding principle: We serve our clients with integrity and strive to develop a community where we maintain long lasting and supportive business relationships and where economy flourish.

From our founder:

The concept of community is different for each person based on individual life experiences and needs. At the same time I believe that building community is a collective process and takes most of us to allow it to happen.

As a woman, a professional and an entrepreneur I believe that to be good in business it is important to have core values of integration, acceptance, respect and compassion. As I an integral part of my community, in business and in general I share on the obligation of participating in the collective process of helping to build a strong community.

Besides having business expertise I am also an artist (poet, writer, painter, and photographer), and an advocate for the development of arts and culture. As such I am always looking for ways to link some of my passions with my professional expertise. This search has served as the motivating element to create various venues where professionals, business owners, and individuals in general can get together, network, exchange ideas, and learn from each other.

Some of our initiatives include:

SFLO-Entrepreneurial Connect.

A South Florida business and professional networking group…

Insider View

On-line Arts and Culture Magazine (Launching in March 2012)

Art and Community/ Guided Art Walks

Monthly Guided Art Walks /


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