We are Business and Strategic Marketing consultants.

We work with small business, start-up companies, medium sized organizations, large companies, fortune 500, non-profits and government organizations.

We have a flexible approach and work on customized Business Development and Marketing plans according to each project.

We work with any industry and have a strong record of serving the Hospitality, Restaurant, Retail, Arts and Entertainment industries.

We believe is important to build community, therefore we deliver great results, treat each client as our business partner and strive to keep a long term business relationship.


Business Consulting (Strategy & planning)

Business Development (Helping you find new business opportunities)

Strategic Marketing (Drafting the strategy for your brand)

Digital Brand Management (Online Marketing & Communications, Including Web and Social Media Solutions)

Publicity Strategy / PR (Including Editorial Pitching, Media Alerts, Media Advisory, Press Releases, and Reputation Monitoring)

Events (B2B and B2C events such including promotions, conferences, product launches, fundraisers, etc)

INDUSTRY EXPERTISE We apply our expertise to any industry, however we a strong track record in the following business sectors:

Hospitality/ Food & Restaurant Service

Retail (Consumer and Luxury Goods)

Arts & Entertainment


To get started we offer a FREE 1/2 hour phone or in person consultation session for first time clients so we can get to know the basics of your business and your needs.

Once we understand your business needs and we agree on a plan of action we will tailor a service package to help you achieve your business goals. From then on we will become your team, support you on each step of the way, and stay focused on your goals.

We are confident that we can help you

Since the main information on building a successful business is very much the same across the board and we help many different types of business owners. We are confident that we can help you to find the focus you need and to implement the right strategy to grow your business. If, during our initial emails and/or phone discussion we feel that we are not the right company for you, we will be happy to suggest a better fit. After all, our main goal is always to be helpful and see you find success!

We are looking forward to hearing from you!

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