Marketing Strategy

We help organizations create marketing plans that are strategic, cost effective and results driven. Our strategy to benchmark and set goals is based on research. Our approach is the use of proven marketing techniques to define your potential markets, position your brand, distribute your products, etc.

Our Approach

Consulting work is an Art and a Science! Our approach is a balance of both.

We understand the nature of the businesses we serve and with our clients we engage in constructive examination of each project, clearly defining the business needs and goals.

We have the necessary experience and competency to work closely with our clients and strive to become a business partner more than an external consultant. As such we take assignment ownership by incorporating best practices, moving quickly, and remaining closely involved on each step of the process.

  •  Our approach is flexible. We adjust time and working methods according to the needs of our clients.
  • We share our experience which comes from working at various levels of the private and public sectors.
  • We provide fresh insights, ideas, an objective approach and a new perspective
  • We maintain an objective view to we pint-point unnecessary costs and potential risks and suggest solutions accordingly.
  • We never lose sight of the central importance of the customer
  • We place quality at the center of what we do and invest the necessary time to ensure its delivery.

 Marketing consulting process:

We follow these steps:

  • Understanding your Brand and your needs (S.W.O.T Analysis)
  • Analyzing your competition (Market Research and Competitive Analysis )
  • Understanding our Target Audience
  • Defining your objectives
  • Defining your project Requirements and Costs
  • Agreeing on an Assignment
  • Becoming your team and helping you achieve your business goals.



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