Our Team / Business Alliance

Our team is composed of successful companies and accomplished business professionals and entrepreneurs who combine expertise in their respective fields, as well as in-depth advisory competencies.

On each project we contribute with our own knowledge and expertise and together we foster a culture that is client-centric and focused on cooperation, responsiveness, and quality.

Tatiana Castaneda 

MBA. Six Sigma

President/ Management and Marketing Consultant at TC Global Business Solutions. 

Specialties: Strategic Business Management, Project Management, Risk Management, Process Improvement, Hospitality Management, Restaurant Operations Excellence, Strategic Marketing, Brand Development, Marketing Communications Management (MARCOM) and Social Media Managment.

Professional Background:  Tatiana has worked closely with Fortune 500 companies, medium-sized businesses and entrepreneurial start ups. She has extensive experience in the hospitality, restaurants, retail, and fine arts industries. Among other brands, Ms. Castaneda has performed work for Starbucks, Burger King, Compass International, Marriott-Host and Hilton International

Languages: English, Spanish, Portuguese and Italian (Certified English-Spanish Translator)

Fun fact: Also an artist (Painter) and advocate of arts, community building, and sustainability. 

Contact Tatiana via E-mail, LinkedIn


 Vanessa Montes
Vanessa Montes, Founder of Veeah Media

Vanessa specializes in corporate identity, branding, social media strategy, marketing and business workflow. Her background and experience are in design, web development, e-commerce, interactive media and project management. Vanessa is an avid foodie, tech lover and natural community connector.

Languages: Fluent in English and Spanish

Ms. Montes is also the founder of Homemade Chefs Cooking Group and the South Florida Freelance Network.

Francoise Castaneda
Founder of Consulting Synergy
Specialties: Business Startups, Strategic Planning and Marketing.

Francoise specializes is an avid proponent of social responsibility and has an extensive background working for fortune 500 companies and doing international consulting work for startups, medium size entities, large companies. She has also worked in the development and implementation of strategic plans for various government initiatives in South America.

Professional background: International Marketing Specialist Nestle (South American Region), Continental Representative for World Family Italy (Working in USA, Central and South America) Founder of Strategic and Government Consulting Group Cima Research

Education: Engineer of Computer Science & Strategic Marketing. SUNY (State University of New York) at Buffalo NY.

Languages: Fluent in English, Spanish and Italian.


Mayre Scott-Ramirez

Public Relations Programs Coordinator

Mayre has an extensive background in Public relations, fundraising, communications, and sponsorship development.  She has developed and implemented an annual public relations/marketing plans for the Associated Brands, The Cloud  Group, Art Alliance, Epicurean and Vanity Fair International.



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