Retail Services

Retail continues to change at a dramatic pace, with customers leading the charge faster than retailers—seeking more personal experiences at every point of shopping and purchase.

As Consultants in Business development and Strategic Marketing we implement value-driven strategies and solutions to help our retail clients create a great experience for their customers Better-informed and super connected, these new digital consumers are fully engaged across all channels—from Smartphone, PC, stores, tablet, social networking and more—to find and buy what they want.

Some of your retail services include a Business Analysis to help you create effective operational and marketing strategies to achieve improved results.

Our retail consultants also have the following industry core competencies:

  • Store operations assessment and operational improvement
  • Workforce management programs
  • Global best practices benchmarking
  • Customer service programs and customer experience improvement
  • Grocery and food operations
  • Merchandise systems, buying, planning and allocation, vendor mgt
  • Distribution, logistic and operations assessment
  • Organizational review and restructure
  • Inventory management and SKU rationalization

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